February 18, 2009

♥ I got my international driver license yesterday..which means I’m nowadays legally able to drive around here in the States. Woo hoo!

♥ I know where I’m gonna do my intern ship next semester.

♥ My new piercing does not hurt that much (just when I’m touching/cleaning it)

♥ We are probably going to The Thirsty Monk tonight (a great place with great beer)

♥ I’ve been writing some letters to send. Yes, you read right – snail mail!

♥ I’ve gotten my last book for school…have all the books now for every class.

♥ I have a new project…will come back later with further information about it.

♥ I like the classes I’m taking this spring.

♥ I am deeply in love.


I am gonna see Missy Higgins next Friday in Atlanta, GA.

Can’t be better. Life.

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