Wishes, part II

June 8, 2016

Spring '16

Back in the end of January, I wrote this blog post about Wishes, and I thought of checking back on that list to see what actually has happened during the past five months.

This was the list back then with my current status in italics:


  • Enjoy eating and drinking without anxiety and/or negative thoughts.
    I’m not really there yet, but I do eat and drink out more than I did back in fall 2015, and in the beginning of 2016. 
  • Like myself – feel that I’m ok the way I am.
    I still don’t really like myself, but this is something I’m working on every day, and I believe that I’m a bit closer than I was back when I wrote the list.
  • Work again. I love my job and my co-workers, but my life and the sickness is not stable enough to manage a job right now.
    I haven’t started yet, but there’s a plan!
  • Longboard and be pretty good at it.
    I have been longboarding, not as much as I want to, but I will!!! Have actually been contacted by a girl who wants to longboard with me, yay! 
  • Decorate our (as of right now non-existing) own apartment, downtown Uppsala.
    We have an apartment, and we own it!!! So this is a big step we’ve taken, I love it, we’re working on decorating it and finding our own Liz & Lina-style.
  • Have trips planned and bought. Ex. Paris, Dublin, Berlin, and the States.
    We have trips bought to Paris, the archipelago in Sweden, and the States. We are also planning another trip to the States, to Berlin, Ireland at one point, and hopefully Japan. But now we’re also talking about stuff in 2017.
  • Be healthy and free from this stupid sickness. I hate you. Yes, Anorexia is something I truly HATE.
    I’m definitely healthier, but I still have a pretty long road ahead of me…Working on right now accepting this long process ahead of me. 


  • Reply Gesine June 11, 2016 at 6:48 PM

    To me it seems like you have come pretty far with all of your wishes! You are so strong and passionate, I do not doubt for a second that all of your wishes will come true sooner or later <3<3<3 never never give up!

    • Reply Lier June 12, 2016 at 12:41 PM

      Awww, thank you so much for your words, Gesine <3

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