wednesday afternoon

March 18, 2009

i found money in a short pocket earlier today so we are gonna spend them this afternoon at starbucksyeah. the sun is shining and it’s around 17°C/63°F out. pretty warm and nice.

my love had an awesome morning by the way
– got out of bed late
– fell on the stairs and hurt her hand/fingers
– forgot her wallet and had to go back to the apartment
– forgot some pretty important stuff at home (she didn’t go back a second time)
– had to wait for a train to pass on her way to work (taking such a long time)
– killed a bird while driving to work
and a crazy day at work…

so i really think she needs and deserves some resting and relaxing time at starbucks! yes. coffee drinks, good conversaions and some planning for summer and stuff!

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