January 28, 2009

and i am dying..or not. but i really really really want to do some shopping. gaaaah.

watching/listening to one music movie after another (rent, once…). love it. my cup of coffee is right beside me and of course with hazelnut creamer. yummy. have been studying some and gonna read some more before i think i’m done for today. still waiting for some books i have ordered. though to sweden som my parents are sending them to me now. thanks. love the music to the movie, once. wanna buy the sound track.mmm. my coffee is perfect. a gold star to me. feeling crazy today. wanna do crazy stuff. well, hopefully the thirsty monk tonight (a pub, i’ve never been to yet). it’s dwntwn asheville. so close to the apartment.

well gotta go back to some school stuff. woo hoo.

love madagaskar

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