USA, here we come!

August 16, 2012

oh, well…not until december. BUT we bought our tickets the other day and we’re gonna be there for a little bit more than three weeks! something to look forward to, and to fight for, big time. a cozy christmas in the mountain house with my love’s family. spend time with relatives and friends we haven’t seen in almost a year then. shop at the big malls. go to the big movies. have plenty of “fikas” at starbucks and at the locals cafes. hang out at barnes & noble for several hours. eat at all the restaurants we wanna eat at. drink beer/wine at our favorite pubs. make road trips in the area. soak up the fresh mountain air with it’s amazing nature and views. hang out time in our beloved and funky city, asheville. enjoy life and just be. i can’t wait!!!

 on my way, at the airport in stockholm, summer 2011.

my love and i in asheville, summer 2011.

the nature close to my love’s parents’ house in the mountains, winter 2008.

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