tuesday morning…

August 28, 2012

…and i’m soon off to some meetings. it’s a big day today: i’m gonna start to sing in a choir. woo hoo. i’m actually more of a solo-girl when i can improvise and sing however i feel sort of. get what i mean? anyway, tonight, i’m gonna go and hang out with a bunch of other people, be social, sing the alto one harmony (yes, it’s all set with the choir director already because i told her i wanted to start when i saw her sunday). haven’t been singing in a choir for several years now. wish me good luck!

i met up with my back in my childhood best friend yesterday which was really fun. she’s been studying in italy for three years but is back in sweden and in our hometown. we chatted about so many different things but one thing she said, which got stuck in my head was;

you must feed you soul

it’s so true. what do i feel good about doing? what is good for my soul? feed it all with good stuff and your soul will sparkle. so i’m gonna think of that some more today, and who knows what i will come up with.¬†hope you all have a great tuesday, and try to figure out how you can feed your soul!

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