tuesday evening

March 9, 2010

still trying to think positive. gaaah. fight. fight. fight. but it’s hard. thinking of going to bed and just breathe. wanna start to read a book..but i’m always feeling guilty when i should read a school book or something more related to school instead. don’t think i can be productive with a paper now anyway. hmm. i’m longing for summer and just relaxing time with my love. i can’t wait.

– three days left at “work”
– reunioun with the girls
– finish my last class
– start to write my final paper (and have my own schedule)

yes, i’m all about lists today. went to the grocery store with mom and dad earlier and just had to check out the international part of the store. i got really disappointed. not that much of american stuff in store. well, many of the shelves were empty. miss the states a lot today, but most of all my love. she’s my everything…love you. okidoki. bed is calling. i know it’s early.

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