June 16, 2009

yes. it’s tomorrow i’m goin’ go to the airport and pick up my love. amazing!

gonna wake up at 3AM (yes, AM!) and will leave a little bit before 4. gaaaah. but it’s worth it, big time! have cleaned some today (helped my grandparents), done some errands, met E – walked and then had some fika and then my last minute decision – i have cut my hair. it looks pretty different but i love it! woo hoo. (pics later on, perhaps tomorrow). so i’m gonna “watch”/track my love’s flight now. make sure that they are leaving newark on correct time and then go to bed and sleep for (hopefully) about 3 hours before it’s time to wake up and get ready to leave.

 can’t belive the day is here, finally!!! over and out.

ps. yes, i am in love and it’s the best feeling ever!

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