Thursday through my camera

September 26, 2015

So this past Thursday, the 24th to be exact, was Liz’s b-day. Let’s check out what we did!


Birthday tray


Started off with breakfast in bed (blueberry American pancakes, coffee, juice) and gifts!

Liz & gft

A gift from Gesine in Berlin ♥

Liz & candle

Liz & gift


Cheers for the birthday girl!


Zola celebrated her mom in her own little way.

Liz walking

We hung out at home, Face-timed a friend and family in the States. Colored Liz’s hair, fixed our nails, and so on. It was pretty gray and rainy but once it cleared up a bit, we headed downtown.


We hung out at a bar first, before it was time for Liz’s surprise. She knew something was coming up but not where, when, and with who.


At 7pm I had reserved a table at this pretty new place in Uppsala, a wine bar.

Vendela & Erik

Vendela, my cousin, and her boyfriend, Erik, were there already, waiting on us.

Magda, Micke & Liz

Micke (my brother’s best friend who I also see as my extra big brother), my brother, Jonas, and his wife, Magda, showed up too.


We drank delicious wine, ate appetizers, and smørrebrød (fancier kind of sandwiches we decided to call it), and made plans to definitely come back, perhaps on a snowy day, and be all cozy inside, because it all felt really really cozy there. Sounds like a pretty good deal. It was, after all Thursday, a regular day, with work day for the majority of the crowd, the next day, so after some hours, we walked home, and I believe Liz was happy about her day.

Liz & Micke


  • Reply nicole September 27, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    Beautiful pictures of what looks like a great day. I love how you two do birthdays. It’s so sad when people don’t get excited about them anymore!

    • Reply Lier September 27, 2015 at 11:04 AM

      Thanks!! I totally agree with you, birthdays are to be celebrated and be excited about!

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