March 12, 2009

yesterday afternoon was great. we stopped at Starbucks and then drove to a park. walked some. sat down and talked. walked some more and of course swung some. did some grocery shopping and then instead of pizza (yes, we both changed our minds and wanted chinese instead) went to a chiniese/japanese(?) restaurant where they cooked the food in front of you. loved it! didn’t finish it so i know what to eat for lunch today. awesome!

– study
– cut my hair (will probably take a while)
watch grey’s anatomy (don’t know if we are gonna make it to m and j’s since the hair solon visit might take a while)

my love and i did some awesome plans last night and i can’t wait!!! one of my dreams are coming true. but will write more about it later on. just to make you all curiuos. hehe. i’m so nice today.

that’s about it for now!


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