December 3, 2014

Tuesday evening I had my final exam time for my evening class – Introduction to Motion Media. Since we had animated short movies, we brought a bunch of snacks to class, and watched all the animations while snacking. This is what the snack table looked like. My classmates laughed at me when I was taking this picture and loudly said that it was soooo American. Oreos, Goldfish, chips, soda…and so on.


Today, I had my second final exam in my New Media Art and Design class. We presented our final projects we’ve been working on for a few weeks, and after about 2.5 hours we were done, and I headed home to…


…this. I have my final exam in History of Design tomorrow. So much to memorize..and I’m so bad with names on a daily basis, and now I have to remember almost 70 names of different designers/artists, and who belong to different time periods, styles plus all the facts about the various styles. I’m overwhelmed. BUT at this time tomorrow, or actually a few hours earlier (like 5.30-ish, hopefully earlier), I’m done.

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