thoughts about “home” and “home-home”

May 6, 2009

it’s weird (but in a pretty good way SOMETIMES) to have two homes in two different worlds. well. i will probably call sweden and my parents’ home for “home-home” since i’ve grew up here and lived here for almost 20 years. then we have my other home, which i call “home”. it’s in the states and the apartment i share with my love. the problem in my world right now is that i have moved to the states and love my life there with my love but i have to be in sweden, i’m forced to (don’t have a visa right now). it’s screwed. i miss my “home” and don’t really feel like i want to be “home-home”. makes me a little bit sad. or i miss so much.


my love will come to sweden in 6 weeks and will stay for about 7 weeks before we go back “HOME”. i’m gonna visit a friend tomorrow i haven’t seen in 3 years. so i’m not gonna be “home-home” for two days. yay. been studying today – finished a paper. 5 points to me. y e a h. and i will read some so i don’t have to bring that many books on the bus tomorrow. my mouth hurts..or it’s my right side jaw (is that the correct word?). whatever. it hurts. have i been talking too much crap? maybe? probably been sleeping weird. as usual. i want to get spotify…but can’t. need an invitation? anyone? gotta read some blogs now and later on some school books. woo hoo. gosh, need to pack too. i’m busy now.


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