the weekend

February 23, 2009

-Spent time at home and watched movies

– Cozy and relaxing morning
– It was a beautiful day!

– Spent time with L and J
– Lunch at T.G.I Friday’s (we got one free meal from a lady who just left the restaurant…so nice of her!)

Me at T.G.I Friday’s

– Went to Target (spent a couple of hours there..hee hee.)

– Bought hair colors

“Me, L and J”

– Colored our hairs and ate pizza

The color change was really successful for L and J. NOT for me…I wanted to get my hair lighter (therefore I chose the color to the very left since I am really dark nowadays. I ended up with the same hair color. Meh. But the other girls..WOW.

L’s hair before – after

J’s hair before – after

Saturday’s conversation with the waitress at Friday’s:
J: Do you watch American idol?
Waitress: I don’t watch it, it watches me!

Then she explained that she always fall asleep while the show is on etc. Laughed so hard and she was the most funniest waitress I have ever experienced and that was only one thing or joke of all she entertained us with…

– Finished my paper and sent it in to the teacher
– Went to church
– Printed stuff out and scanned some things at M and J’s
– Went back home to Asheville and relaxed
– Did some scrapbooking and watched The Oscars on TV…

…and so did Kitty!

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