The weekend in Berlin through Instagram pictures.

February 25, 2013

Liz and I spent the weekend in Berlin, Germany, where we visited some friends! It’s been crazy cold and a little too gray, but the weather didn’t stop us doing fun stuff! Here are some pictures from my instagram account liersees.

berlin-collage11. The street view from the apartment where we stayed. 2. We went shopping and I bought something really fun that will help me to expand my creative soul even more. It needs its own post so check back soon again. 

berlin-collage23. They have Starbucks in Berlin which we of course took advantage of every now and then. A perfect “excuse” when you wanted (read; needed) to go inside in the warmth. 4. Part of the Berlin wall. Such history…

berlin-collage35. A pretty bridge and the TV Tower in the background. 6. Brandenburger Tor. 

berlin-collage47. Here and there, you can see where the Berlin Wall had been on the ground. Crazy feeling standing with one foot on each side. Easy today, impossible back in time (1961-1989). 8. Drank some local beer.

berlin-collage59. One of many S-bahn/U-bahn rides. (Subway both underground and above ground). 10. A long Sunday brunch with plenty of coffee.

berlin-collage611. A new necklace I bought on a flea market Sunday afternoon. 12. The classic photo booth shoot you just have to do when it’s possible.

berlin-collage713. Came back to a sunny Sweden. 14. Me, on the bus ride home from the airport.

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