the test

November 10, 2009

mom called me earlier today and told me to take a walk around the block a test to see if i can make tomorrow and start my internship. thought it was a good idea and got dressed (a little bit excited to wear “real” clothes for the first time since-i-don’t-know-when). many layers, scarf, hat, gloves, boots and so on…

gaaaaah, it’s FREEZING here in sweden! (haven’t been out that much since i came back from the states because i’ve been sick almost the whole freekin’ time). i was so cold the 6 min walk..and i was coughing my lungs out…oh, well. it felt like it. so i don’t know. did i pass or did i fail the test? can i make it tomorrow? i don’t know. gonna take the discussion with mom later on. cross your fingers. please.

i’m tired of being sick and i wanna live life.

now: fix some lunch and then write on my paper…

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