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blog design #5 december

December 6, 2011

so here we go again. i known, i know. (i love changing the blog design!). anyway. hope you’ll enjoy it! i do.

blog design #3 september I

September 1, 2011

as you hopefully can see (if not, refresh the website), i’ve fixed a new more fall-ish look to this website. it’s first of september and we have changed our clothes on the rack from summer to fall clothes. although we can’t do the big change in our closets yet since we’re going to greece in a few weeks. anyway.

i’m in the mood to change and organize stuff in our apartment. i’ve had a bad cold and been home since monday afternoon which means i’m starting to be big time bored and miss my job like crazy. on the other hand it gives me time to think of our home and what it looks like. i’m turning more and more into a fall mood and thought a change on this blog would make me feel good. a chose a mustard yellow color since i’ve start to love that color and just bought a sweater in the same nuance. oh, yeah. lina goes color. hope you’ll like it.

blog design #2 july

July 31, 2011

i got some inspiration from my cousin about changing the layout on the blog. i chose a little bird-theme as a header. i took the picture last summer in the states. good memories. hope you like it. i do.

blog design #1 april

April 3, 2011

so here i am at

lier, which stands for “li” as lina and “er” as eriksson. simple, short and i like it. a lot of things have happened since my last blog and posts on the other website even though it’s not too long ago. but life can twist in the most amazing ways when you least expect it. i’m now way more busy during the days. i have a different schedule and it’s because i’ve gotten the most fantastic job ever. so i’m now working full time and i love it so much. anyway.

i will update as much as i can, but will not pressure myself at all.
hope you’ll enjoy and like it.

feel free to leave comments, thoughts and feedback!