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getting out in nature and a blessed friendship.

April 26, 2012

the other day, liz and i, went to visit some friends and their newborn baby (yes!). they had also moved so we got to see their new place. a castle with beautiful surroundings. makes me wanna live out in the country so i can just be out in the nature w h e n e v e r. even if i’m a city girl. it’s a hard decision. anyway. we had a great afternoon/evening with snuggling time with the baby, a walk outside, cozy chat times, laughter, and yummy fika. it’s such a blessed friendship. ♥

dinner out in the country

July 27, 2011

we were invited to some friends for dinner last night and they live out in the country. so, after work, my love and i jumped on a bus. we got off after about 45 min and were picked up by car to go on another ride (just about 5 min). and there it was, their little cute cottage with just a few smaller houses as neighbors. a field, woods and water right nearby. so beautiful, relaxing, and cozy. after dinner (a pie made of vegetables from their garden and some delicious cheesecake dessert, the american way) we headed out for a walk and down to the water. such a beautiful night and my love and i soaked in the fresh air and all the nature. it’s such a contrast with downtown where we live..

my parents are out of the country for some days and we get to use their car so i guess we’re gonna head for some more nature this weekend. i’ve really missed being in the swedish archipelago this summer so that might be our goal.

some photos from last night (credit to my love who took most of the pictures). she has such a talent.

dinner outside in the nature

May 30, 2011

we had a little summer fest today at work. dinner (BBQ) out in the beautiful weather and nature. good company and good chats. being close to the water and being in nature in general made me miss the archipelago, big time. gotta take our guests from ireland (this coming weekend) to the swedish archipelago. oh, yeah. that’s a plan.

road trip

May 17, 2011

liz and i made a road trip to the country, and my friend who lives there, earlier today. it was an amazing opportunity to soak up some fresh country air and to change our environment some. we love our apartment downtown, but both of us are crazy in nature too. we need the balance which we’re quite not getting…but today we filled up our nature soul some and also spend some quality time with our friend. loved it.