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December 26, 2011

I’m planning on giving you all an update about the past days but first it’s a really important day in my (our) life today.

Two years ago as of today, my love and I said “I do” to each other. We got married in the city hall on a beautiful snowy, and cold day.

Liz is my everything. She’s always listening to me and my crazy stories, she has a wonderful laughter, and she’s always there for me. She loves to take pictures (and she is so good at it), read, travel, and write. She really is an amazing writer and I truly want her to write a book one day (no pressure but she has the gift of writing). Liz is also an amazing chef with her Thanksgiving food, her specialities as pasta with a yummy sauce, and french toast which is our tradition to eat on our birthdays and Christmas Day mornings. She’s also really good at taking care of infants (they tend to always fall asleep in her arms – which shows even more how calm she is as a person).

Liz, I love you so much and hope we’re gonna have many, many, many more years together where we’re exploring the world together, while you’re writing about it, taking pictures, and sharing your laughter with me. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your life with me. I love you with all my heart. 

in Dublin, october 2011

last weekend

November 5, 2011

we were in ireland and dublin last weekend and here’s a glimpse of what we did.
might show you all some more later on.