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September 9, 2011

hey. i’m lina and i can’t decide what kind of blog design i’m gonna use so let’s change every other week…or no. but i can’t decide whether having it fall-ish looking or more in a gray scale. so here we go, a new blog design. hope you’ll like it! i do.

so to just give you an update about the present. i’m sitting at my favorite cafe in town. sipping my favorite drink (chai latte with a shot of espresso) and to just give you an easier pic. what i look like today, i’ll post a pic. of me (in the spirit of the fashion blog girls, hee hee).

have a great weekend!

ps. and yes, i’m a huge fan of instagram pics. with the nashville theme.

we’re gettin’ closer

June 21, 2011

so it’s tuesday evening and pretty much one day away from our vacation and trip to the states. we’re leaving early thursday morning and i guess it’s gonna be busy times now before departure so i’m doing an update here to let you all know what’s going on. we’re so freaking excited and so happy to be able to see our family across the pond again. hope you (the swedish people) have a great midsummer!

the beach area at my love’s parents’ place.
gonna spend many hours right there.

the past days

May 22, 2011

played some aqua golf. hung out in a park. opened gifts.
and a lot more…pretty good stuff!!