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February 19, 2012

 it’s been two great past days in jönköping. we left friday afternoon and our friend picked us up when we arrived. we stayed in her apartment and had a really nice evening catching up on each others lives. another friend came and stayed over the night too. had so much fun.

us. on our way.

saturday was the meeting day and one of the reasons why i went to jönköping (my friends are part of the board too) we all went to the meeting early saturday morning which took only a few hours. our bus wasn’t gonna leave until later saturday afternoon so we went to have coffee afterwards before saying goodbye to each other. liz and i did some shopping after the coffee and checked out the downtown area. we found one of our favorite stores we don’t have in our town and we were happy finding some stuff. will show you later on. we came back to our town in the evening and just relaxed on the couch and watched tv. very needed and of course, cozy.

yummy coffee drinks.

it’s sunday morning now and my plans for today are to clean the apartment and then be a little creative (read: create a photo studio and take pictures so i’ll learn more about our new camera). perhaps take pictures of what we bought too.