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new haircut

February 17, 2012

cut my hair today (bangs!!!). feels good, and my hair looks way more healthy now, which is awesome. we’re heading to the bus station in just a bit. will come back to town tomorrow night so it’s just a short visit to jönköping. take care.

busy times

May 6, 2011

thanks for all the responses on the earlier post. i still haven’t cut my hair..but it’s my goal for next week. i will just trim it and then perhaps fix more of a haircut/hairstyle in the fall. anyway. i have been crazy busy lately and have worked some extra with a pretty big (and fun) project so i haven’t been able to update that much here.

changing the subject to something random.

zola was gone the other morning..i found some socks on the floor, in front of the closet, and opened the door some more. oh, yes. she had a really cozy time and made a mess with all the clothes. but we do love her like crazy anyway.


new haircut?

May 4, 2011

gaaaah. i really, really need to cut my hair. texted my friend who’s a hair dresser but no response back so far and i’m panicking. well, not exactly panicking. but in big need. got it? so i’m checking out some different salons in town and trying to decide where to go. any tips? also what kind of haircut? which style? help.

what i look like now. sort of. (i know, i know..having a ponytail in the pic. but it’s just proof of how much i need a haircut).