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getting out in nature and a blessed friendship.

April 26, 2012

the other day, liz and i, went to visit some friends and their newborn baby (yes!). they had also moved so we got to see their new place. a castle with beautiful surroundings. makes me wanna live out in the country so i can just be out in the nature w h e n e v e r. even if i’m a city girl. it’s a hard decision. anyway. we had a great afternoon/evening with snuggling time with the baby, a walk outside, cozy chat times, laughter, and yummy fika. it’s such a blessed friendship. ♥

saturday outdoor party

August 31, 2011

so the main reason going to stockholm was my friend’s b-day party saturday afternoon/evening and
i’m just gonna let the pictures talk.

8 pics from the past days

June 6, 2011

our friends from ireland have traveled back and hopefully arrived safely in ireland by now. it’s been some amazing days full of funny (and relaxing) activities in the beautiful summer weather. i’m letting the pics talk more. enjoy.