November 26, 2014

My beloved niece FaceTimed us today, and she was baking gingerbread cookies together with my mom, my sister, and her nice’s three siblings. Since we were FaceTiming, we got to be part of the Swedish traditions as well. Gotta love technology.




Liz has been cooking Thanksgiving food like crazy here today, and it has smelled delicious! I’ve gotten to taste some too. YUM. Can’t wait to eat all the yummy food tomorrow. Thanksgiving food is on my top list of Holiday foods. I love it. I don’t eat the turkey since I’m vegetarian, but everything else. Our friend, J, has spent the afternoon with us and it has been cozy times with a lot of good conversations. Tomorrow, we’re heading over to Liz’s parents’ place in morning, and will spend a cozy day there. Once Thanksgivng is over, it’s time to decorate for Christmas, so prepare for a lot of Holiday pictures on the blog in the near future.

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