Sunday morning madness!

March 10, 2013

I survived last night, fell asleep pretty fast, and for once slept good! YES! But I’m not gonna focus more on that, the past. It’s Sunday morning (or soon noon here in Sweden) and Liz is at work which means it’s only me and Zola, the cat, at home. What to do…?! Clean! Yes, I’m a little “OCD” when it comes to having it cleaned and organized around me. Hehe. So once I’ve finished this post, music will be playing, and the cleaning will be underway. Perhaps I’ll go and buy some fresh flowers and then have an amazing afternoon together with Liz. No plans yet, but we’ll see. Perhaps take a long walk in the beautiful weather or just stay at home and relax. Anyway, it’s gonna be a good day, and I’m feeling ok! What are you up to this Sunday?


Pic from here.


  • Reply Carissa March 10, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    I’m glad you slept well! 🙂 Good luck with the cleaning… I wish I had the motivation to do that in my apartment!

    That quote is great, too. I’ve never thought of it that way before, but it’s true.

    • Reply Lier March 10, 2013 at 5:45 PM

      Yeah, it was awesome! The cleaning went good, and it feels great now with a clean apartment! Never thought of it like that either, until I found it on Liz’s Pinterest account and “repinned” it. Hope you’re having a great day!

  • Reply Laura4NYC March 13, 2013 at 2:41 AM

    I agree with Carissa, what a wonderful quote!

    • Reply Lier March 13, 2013 at 7:32 PM

      Yeah, isn’t it great! 🙂

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