sunday evening

June 14, 2009

The week is soon over! (if you count in the Swedish way…hee hee)

I have been cleaning some today and my dad has worked on my computer – awesome! It has been crappy for a while, probably because of some virus and extra stuff downloaded which i don’t need. Anyway, seems to work waaaaay much better now. Yay. 10 points to dad! Yeah. Gonna babysit my youngest niece and her brother for a while tomorrow. Cozy and fun. Their older sister is going to the dentist with her mom (my sister). I really love to spend time with them, see how the grow and how much they are exploring the world. That’s life! Have been, as I’ve earlier mentioned here, been to alot of parties (graduations and stuff). Will post some pics from some of the parties tomorrow. Goin’ to bed pretty soon, or that’s my plan at least.

Less than 2.5 days now. Can’t wait and I’m pretty busy the coming days too.

monday babysit my nephew and my youngest niece, organize some at home, write some packing lists..

tuesday clean at my grandparents’, pick up some things at the Tourist Center, spend some time with my friend E

wednesday leave for the airport EARLY in the morning (around 4AM) and pick up my love!

thursday pack and then leave for the place where we’re gonna celebrate Midsummer

friday Midsummer!

yep. that’s it for now. hope you all had a great weekend!

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