summer break

June 5, 2009

was a crazy last week when i finished 3 classes. phu. but it’s over and i’ve summer break from school now. woo hoo! at least 10 points to me. yeah. so it’s the 5th of june. i’m counting days until my love is here. 12 days left. can’t wait.

have worked on plenty of different visa forms the two latest days…just waiting for the organization to send me their application forms now. meh. almost done everything what i can do, so far. but, i’m sure everything will turn out fine. not gonna get stressed out. ok, Lina?! thinking of to change some design here…don’t know what though (and i suck to work with the codes). anyway..will see what happends. will for sure update more often now.

i’ll be back soon! very soon.


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