summary of 2009 (september – december)

January 8, 2010


We adopted Zola, our amazing cat.

Hung out, had BBQ and played around at the farm.

Spent some exploring/eating time at the State Fair in Asheville, NC.

Went to IKEA in Charlotte, NC (a couple of times).
Really liked an apartment example there and we were ready to move in!

We pre-celebrated my love’s b-day by drinking beer at one of the irish pubs downtown.


Went to the beach and attended The Lookout Lighthouse 150th anniversary celebration.
(We are related to the first lighthouse keeper there).

My parents came to the States. (They brought some Swedish candy which made me really axcited and happy).

We all went to the beach (yes, again) so my parents could see that area too and not only the mountains (western part of NC).

My love and I spent some time taking pictures in one of the parks in Asheville, NC.
This one is definitely my favorite.


I had to go back to Sweden in the beginning of November and as soon as I got here I got sick.
I spent the rest of the month doing my internship (where I still am). Didn’t take that many pictures this month.


My love finally came to me here in Sweden to celebrate Christmas and New Years.

Santa Claus came on Christmas Eve – as the Swedish tradition goes. (Santa: Who’s been good this year?)

My love and I got married!

Our former exchange students (the girls) and friends of the family came to visit us for some days!

My love and I celebrated New Years in Uppsala, Sweden, together with my brother, his girlfriend and some other friends/siblings (+ a ghost = the shadow to the left in this picture).

Happy 2010!!!

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