stay on the positive side

October 18, 2012

I know, I keep writing about it over and over again. But I believe that’s the way to do it – repeat something for yourself (and on the blog), and it will become real or true. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day, and I just wanted to stay in bed the whole day. Of course, I didn’t since I had to do some things and face some hard stuff. Anyway, Liz, a friend of ours, and I had planned on going to a cafe and listen to some live music in the evening. I was telling Liz in the afternoon that I would not tag along since I was feeling crappy and she told me to just go, and it might help me feel better. I did. And you know what, it did make me feel better. I gotta listen to my wife some more, I believe. I know it’s hard to focus on other things that are positive in the middle of all the crappy-ness, but if you sometimes force yourself to face another situation or another thought, it might turn out better than you would never have imagined. Try to flip over to the positive side, and stay there. It’s way more fun!

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  • Reply Carissa October 19, 2012 at 2:17 AM

    I agree with you. When I’m feeling sad, I tend to want to just wallow in it and feel sorry for myself. But if I give myself a chance and actually go out and do something or hang out with people, there’s a 99% chance I’ll feel better. It’s so silly that it’s so hard to actually do that!

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