Spring Break 2014

March 14, 2014


As you can see, I have changed a whole lot here. I like it, and I hope you do too. Since I’m working on building up a professional portfolio, I thought it was time to really fix one online. I’m just in the beginning of my education, so there isn’t a whole lot yet, but it will hopefully grow pretty fast.

Other than changing and working on the blog/website, I’m on spring break! Or more toward the end of the break now. Can’t believe I’m half way through the semester. The break has been good, and we have had our first European guests here! Our friends from Berlin spent some days with us, and we showed them around Asheville and the surroundings. We also had some amazing weather – sunny and above 20 degrees Celsius (which two days later turned into negative degrees and snow on the ground…). That’s how the weather rolls here in North Carolina.

Gonna spend the rest of the weekend preparing for school to start again. I have a lot coming up – exams, quizzes, projects, and homework to do, and I want do be a little bit ahead of everything. However, it feels pretty good to just be home. Gotta fill myself with energy for the last weeks in school for this semester.

Glimpses from the past few days through the phone:


Walk, one of our favorite pubs/restaurants.


Live music downtown and a Sunday brunch.


Local beer, of course!

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