Some favorite places to eat and drink in Asheville.

March 24, 2014

Asheville is pretty famous for all the breweries and amazing food at various restaurants. I had pretty awesome food and drink experiences the past days, while our friend Paige was here. This is just a handfull of places where we like to go to. Some tips if you happen to come to Asheville. The places are located downtown, north, and west of Asheville.

Here we go:

weekend1Dinner and half-price bottles of wine on Wednesdays at Avenue M in North Asheville. I had the Spice Ginger Tofu (Spicy ginger soy sauce, garlic, sake, sautéed kale, crispy tofu, and sour carrots). Really good!

weekend2Locally brewed beer and snacks at Wicked Weed, downtown Asheville. Here you can drink “Mango Jalapeño Blonde” beer, “French Toast Stout” beer, or just regular pales, and IPA’s (local of course!).


weekend3Cocktails and snacks at Top of the Monk, downtown Asheville. They have an awesome rooftop patio where we’re for sure gonna hang out at once it gets warmer. They serve classic cocktails using fresh squeezed juice with natural/local ingredients. You also get a key to an old post office box where you get your snacks from. It’s included in the price of the drink. We had “Ramos Gin Fizz” and “Silver Blossom” – both really yummy!


weekend4Dinner and beer at Walk (West Asheville Lounge and Kitchen) in West Asheville. Eat the Avocado Tempeh Melt or the Veggie Burger. Apparently the Chicken Fingers are good as well.


You definitely need to visit Asheville and enjoy some of the delicious food and drinks! 

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