some changes

May 18, 2009

so it has been crazy lately (the reason why i haven’t updated my blog, sorry). BUT have changed some things – will not write a test on saturday and therefore not having THAT much to study. i’m so relieved and a little bit less stressed out. phu. just 3 other classes to work on..

then all (well, two) b-day parties are over. it’s nice to have family parties but tiering too since it’s so much things to prepare! well it all turned out good and now it’s only the big day left, when i’m turning 25. yay. can’t wait until wednesday. not only because of my b-day…will also spend some time with an amazing person. can’t believe it! have some really busy days but now only good stuff and not only school things. feels amazing. it has been hard to breathe for some days…but the air is coming more and more. amazing air in my life.

hope you’ll have a good monday!


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