So thankful!

December 26, 2012

It’s Christmas Day evening and we’ve been celebrating all day long here. It’s been such a good day, even though I haven’t been able to spend Christmas with my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew, it’s been really good. We started off the day opening our stockings filled with gifts. Santa had eaten all the cookies, and drank the milk that we put out for him! It followed with preparations for a late lunch (it was a really cozy and relaxed morning), and my wife’s brother and his wife came over to my wife’s parents’ place. We opened one gift each, ate lunch, and then the craziness began. I’m blown away by everything..all the amazing gifts, but most of all how good it’s been to be with my love and her family after not celebrating Christmas in the States for several years. I might show you some of the gifts later on, but it’s time for bed now I believe.

Tomorrow is our anniversary day (3 years being married!), and we are probably gonna go out and eat. The movie “Les Miserable” is also out in the movies so we are gonna check that one out. Exciting.

Hope you all have had a great Christmas filled with love.



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