Shoe Love

August 25, 2016

When I was in the States this summer, I did some shoe shopping since it’s way cheaper there than in Sweden. Today I decided to waterproof/impregnate the new ones along with some older shoes as well, and while I did it, I thought, why not take some pics, and show you some of my favorites here at home. So here we go.

Shoe love

I’ve been wearing Converse (tall and short ones) for more than half my life and have owned quite a many pair. Unfortunately, I’ve gave/sold many pairs, or a majority of, my Converse when we moved to the States…one of the things I actually regret that I did. Oh, well. I’m working on expanding my collection now, and I decided to go for some classic ones this time. Tall and black.

Shoe loveThe Adidas Superstar has been pretty popular the past years, and I got really retro-looking ones when they came out, since they were really popular when I was around 14. Of course, I had to get a pair as the age of 32 as well. Yes, nostalgia. I bought the Nike ones this past spring, which you can see more of in this blog post.

Shoe love

Vans has also become a favorite brand, and I’ve been wearing these ones quite a bit, and they’re still going strong.

Shoe love

Ok, readers. Friends. Toms. Is. The. Most. Comfortable. Shoes. Liz and I have had several pairs for multiple years, and we both love them. This trip to the States, I came home with fresh new black ones.

Shoe love

New Balance. So comfortable and nice looking. Do I need to say more? Oh, this is model 420.

Shoe love

Dr. Martens. Shoes who look and fit better the more you wear them. Bought these several years ago. I believe I have an Instagram picture from when I got them.

Shoe love

The newest pair of shoes in my collection, and to me, also a new brand in my closet. Clarks. I think we’re gonna have a nice fall together.

Some favorite brands of mine when it comes to shoes
Dr. Martens
New Balance


  • Reply HOlly August 26, 2016 at 8:02 AM

    Clarks, as in the British Clarks?
    They were a classic childhood brand for us… the place you went for shoe measuring (did you have those machines in sweden that measured your feet?)

    • Reply Lier August 26, 2016 at 9:05 AM

      Yes, it’s a British brand 🙂 Cool! I remember using like a ruler-like measuring-thing in order to find out the exact size of my feet when I was a kid. Clarks are usually pretty pricy and I haven’t really seen them that much in Sweden (which is way more fun to wear then when not everyone are wearing them), and found this pair in Asheville at the outlet. So jackpot! <3

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