Saturday randoms

October 15, 2011

Hey again, so it’s been a while and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff while being gone from here. A quick update: I’ve been to Greece and spent a fantastic, beautiful, warm, and sunny vacation week there. Aaaah, it was so so good. My love has done an amazing job writing and showing pics. on her blog about it all. Check it out here, here, here, here, here, and here. I know, I’m boring just sharing links. Oh, well. She did it so good, so why not use it here? So after being in Greece I was going directly back to work, and a pretty intense (but fun) period. Anyway, I’m off this weekend and I started it off buying a Wii and the New Super Mario Bros game. Nostalgic times from my childhood sitting in my friend’s basement playing it on the old Nintendo. Love it. Liz (my love) is working this weekend (I know good timing of our job schedules. She works when I’m off and vv.). But I went to the fika break last night at her job and chatted with some of the youth there. Fun. Went back home, lit candles and played some more Wii. My thumb aches now so I need a break. What a problem. Later on we’re heading downtown for some shopping, the movies, some beer etc. A good Saturday. Hope you’re having a good one too. Peace out.

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