saturday plans

March 27, 2010

gonna cut my hair today. woo hoo (even if i hate it since want it to be long, but need to cut alot today – it looks so freaking bad right now). gonna promise myself to cut it more often so situations like this never will happen again. gonna work on that. reunioun with my old music class tonight (10 years since i finished 9th grade in the swedish school system). most of them can’t come which is sad but we’re some friends that are gonna hang out. (one of them is a hair dresser and will cut my hair – perfect with friends/contacts). listening to green day now and i just love wake me up when september ends (link to Spotify). love from 1:45 with all the drums and everything. mmm. so many memories. my love and i were hanging out in the park a sunny day in the states and listened to this song. a good day with my amazing wife and a good song!

fixed the ESTA (link for info) stuff today for my coming trip in summer. so much to do when you’re traveling to the states, specially when you’ve been there alot. they’re so suspicious and all i wanna do is to spend time with my american wife and her family. not work or not be there any longer than 90 days. gaaah. but, check on that one now and some other detail info.

 gotta get ready now.

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