Saturday morning

September 12, 2015


Instagram Picture taken about a week ago.

Good morning!

I’m sitting here on the bed, drinking coffee, and Liz is sitting beside checking youtube clips of various American shows/interviews. Love hearing the American accent and watching the familiar shows, and faces that used to be our everyday, regular life, earlier, but are not anymore. Ok, side story.

Back to my coffee and the fact that it’s Saturday morning. I’m really excited about this day since a dear friend is coming to town and will stay until tomorrow! I need some time with her, a girl, who can understand me in such a different way than others can ♥. I love that we’ve kept contact when I lived in the States, and almost every time we’ve been back in my hometown the past years, we’ve tried to meet up – and we succeeded with that! Oh, dear S, you’re timing of coming here to Uppsala this weekend, is perfect.

It’s also “Culture Night” here in town, which means there’s a lot of cultural (duh) happenings – shows, concerts, exhibitions, longer open hours etc. So we might check some stuff out and grab a beer or something out later on.

Gotta prepare the guest bed and straighten things up here because she’s coming with the train in just a couple of hours! Woo hoo!


  • Reply Sofi September 13, 2015 at 7:58 PM

    Tack för en fin helg och ett fint omnämnande! Jag hejar på dig nu, det kommer gå fint. Puss!

    • Reply Lier September 13, 2015 at 8:08 PM

      Åh, tack fina du för en härlig helg – var himla kul och mys att du kom! Tack, och lycka till med skolan <3 Puss Puss

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