December 6, 2008

New life – new blog. Or? Well it is a new blog (got some awesome help from my cousin, Julia – THANKS!) and I am living nowadays! So, yes, sort of a new life!

1: I am so in love
2. I am not sick anymore – that’s my past!
3. I am moving to the States

Haven’t been writing for a looooong time on my other blog and I have been thinking of to start a new one. So here we go!

Sittin’ on the couch in a apartment in in a week I’ve boarded the plane and heading to the States. Can’t believe that my time (for now) in Denmark is soon over. I’ve been here since the middle of August and have loved it. I am for sure coming back! But one week and a whole new life is about to begin. I am going to my love, gonna spend Christmas and New Years, go back to Sweden for some exams and then hopefully move over to the States! Can’t wait. We got a studio apartment yesterday and will have access to it in January. Woo hoo! IKEA, here we come…some Urban Outfitters is necessarily too. Yes, we have so started to decorate it in our minds. Love it!


Some furniture and things we like…

we want to have plenty of pillows..


so long.

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