Logo design / Social Media Platforms

A Podcast & YouTube channel that I have with my wife, Elizabeth Reynolds McGuire.


The Liz + Lina podcast and YouTube channel are all about life. Our life. What we do. Where we go. How we think. Who we are. And how we feel about all different kinds of things. It’s about learning and discovering how to live life to the fullest, on our terms. A life full of celebration and adventure, creativity and coziness. It’s even about the things that we struggle with and how we try to slow down and stay connected to ourselves, to each other, and the world. We laugh a lot. Get pretty silly. And hope that somewhere, in all of our conversations and videos, we just might sprinkle a little joy and light and magic out into the world.


What the clients needed
The clients needed a logo to be used on YouTube, iTunes,  and other social media channels.


Logo description
The clients wanted a simple, clean, minimalist logo that incorporated their two initials, “L”. The black and white palette is very simple and classic, and yet it pops. The two “L”s placed together represent the connection of the couple as one unit, yet with separate identities and personalities. 


• Branding
• Design
• Planning/preparations
• Recording
• Editing
• Promotion
• Filming
• Participating


– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effects
– Audacity


LIZ+LINA Podcast (will open in iTunes)
LIZ + LINA YouTube