playing the harmonica by dave oliver

June 8, 2009

Bought a book with an including harmonica some months ago in the States and I’m today trying really hard to be able to play one hole/tune at a time. It. Is. Hard. Very. Hard. Kind of frustrating too. But I wanna be good at it. Be able to improvise and play whenever to whichever song. Gaaah. Would be amazing. So I am today trying. Which is funny since it’s one of the days where everything is wrong. I am wrong/boring/sad and the day is like a “life-sort-of-sucks-day”. Yeah. I’m not fun to deal with at all and I’m also spreading my mood to the closest ones to me. 5 points. So you all dear ones who’re reading this and have been dealing with me today. I’m sorry. Gonna wake up on the better side tomorrow. My goal is to focus on good things in life and not get stuck in my head with old disorder CRAP. 10 points to me for positive thinking. Gotta go back and read this in about 5 min (when I have thrown my harmonica across the room for the seventh time – kidding…it’s not that bad, yet). Seen some lessons on youtube…might check that out later on. Unless I’m deciding to give up for today and play The Sims 3instead. Tempting.

A dream to be able to play like that. Love the song too. She’s so talented…

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