January 9, 2015

I don’t know how many blog posts I’ve started in my head, words I have put together to various more or less successful sentences lately, but they have only stayed in my head, and I haven’t been able to put them down here, black on white.

I’m overwhelmed.

It’s been quite here for a little while and there are three simple reasons. First, what I wrote above. Second I’ve been on a little vacation to Washington DC (photos are about to be posted in a few days, ones I’ve edited them some), and third, my parents have been here, and I’ve spent a lot of time with them.

The desk photo above is from yesterday, before I took everything down, and prepared it for the move. A little goodbye to my work area in our studio where I’ve spent many hours doing school stuff…


Liz and I are right now waiting on our movers to come to the apartment to pack and ship some smaller furniture and things we want to keep and take to Sweden. Liz is also taking Zola (our cat) to the vet for a last check up before the flight, and people/friends are coming today to pick up furniture and things they’ve bought from us. Tonight we’re getting little break from everything to enjoy a concert our friends are having, and several friends will be there. FUN. Tomorrow, we’re having a moving out party where more friends are coming over to our place to hang out, drink beer, and listen to live music. Our friends (who are having a concert tonight) are playing at our place tomorrow night and for you who aren’t coming to the party, can simply click here to watch it live. They’re streaming their concert!

We’re moving out of this apartment on Sunday and turning in the keys on Monday, and then we’re having about a week left in Asheville to just hang out with friends and family, drink plenty of good local craft beer, and eat at all our favorite restaurants. We’re staying at Liz’s brother’s house which is located downtown so that’s gonna be awesome to just walk downtown instead of taking the car all the time.

Ok, time to breathe a little bit, drink more coffee out of paper cups, and then perhaps edit some photos from DC.

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