On American ground and apartment pictures!

July 25, 2013

Hey y’all!

I haven’t given you an update here at all, but now I’m in the States and have been here for almost a week! The flight over was really good, and then the adventure started (which you can read more about on Liz’ blog, here).

It’s been a crazy and busy week. Liz and I have done errands, planned, organized, bought things, every single day in order to finish furnishing our apartment. I would say that today was one of the final things – to get a car, which we did. An amazing one. But more about that later on. I was thinking of sharing some pictures from our apartment and the process of finishing decorating it. Or more likely sort of “before” and “after” pictures. We had already ordered some furniture online which arrived some days before our arrival, and Liz’s parents brought it over, along with a sofa bed and some necessaries to be able to live in the apartment. Later on, we made a trip to IKEA, and also to a big store called “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” (pretty obvious what it’s selling), and then some other store not too important to write down. If you’re curious where we got some of the stuff, feel free to ask instead. Anyway, we start with the before-picture-ones.

We live in a two bedroom apartment (Swedes, think a three room apartment) pretty close to downtown although you still have to drive a car to get there. The apartment complex is really nice, and we absolutely love it here. Everything is new, clean, and neat. Below is our bedroom with the sofa bed we slept on the first nights before we bought our bed. The second picture is facing the other part of the room where we now have a dresser. Along with this master bedroom comes a walk-through-closet and a bathroom.

apt1 apt2

Here is the kitchen. And to the right is the front door. The kitchen has an island (behind all the boxes), and is open to the living room, and the balcony. We had been to IKEA when I took this picture. Oh, lord, it took forever to put everything together…

apt3 apt4

Here’s the other end of the kitchen/living room where you can also see the balcony some.

apt5 apt6

Here is the amazing balcony or perhaps more of its view. Anyway, we are looking over the pool area which I think it’s really nice. While I’m typing this, I’m sitting in the studio, and can look out of the window and see the swimming pool so all our windows are facing that view. The balcony is pretty much shown in these two pictures.apt7 apt8


The second bedroom are we using as a studio (office), and also a guest room whenever friends and family wanna come over the pond!


So that’s the tour for now, and I will (or Liz) will take pictures tomorrow of the apartment all furnished.

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    Look at all those boxes!

    Your home looks lovely … so glad you got here safe and sound.

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