January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re having a great start to 2015. Liz and I are going crazy here in the apartment with all the moving preparations. Since my parents are here and were all heading to Washington, DC in a few days and the moving company comes just the day after we come back from DC, we have to prepare everything now. Anyway, back to last night and our New Years Eve celebrations! Let’s check out what our celebrations looked like, through my phone.

We actually started of with champagne at 6 pm already since it was midnight in Sweden then!






At 8pm, we headed over to The Grove Park Inn which is a pretty famous luxury hotel here in Asheville (where a lot of presidents and celebrities stay at when they’re in the area). We had a dinner table reserved for us at 9 there, my parents, Liz, and I. The food was yummy, but my favorite was probably the desserts. YUM.





A little before midnight, we headed to the main hall/entrance at the hotel, bought some champagne and were ready to toast in the new year with a bunch of other people and live music. So much fun and so festive. Once we had counted down the time to midnight, we headed out on the big terrace and had an amazing view of Asheville in a distance. I didn’t really succeed in taking pictures of the fireworks, but there were a few out there. We were actually pretty tired afterwards, and decided to head back home at pretty decent time after midnight. newyear9




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