new week

December 7, 2009

gosh. the time is flying by (which i like in many ways – the most because my love is coming to sweden in less than 2 weeks). was in Östersund (a city in the northern part of Sweden – it takes about 45 min to fly from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden) thursday to friday – wrote a test and i’ve spent the weekend on two different family parties. phu. intense, fun and exhausting all at the same time.

 i’m doing my internship now, which i love and it’s gonna be a regular week now = wake up at 6am, be at “work” around 8am, off around 4pm, at my parents’ house around 5pm, eat and then study. yeah (or phu). but only about 8 “work days” left until christmas and new years break. gonna write in my internship journal now and then work on my paper while i’m listening to some christmas music. need to prepare some for sunday too (gonna sing solo then). yep, that’s my life right now.

how about yours?

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