April 27, 2009

I haven’t listend to music for about 5 days. It was quite (from music) in the car on our way to the airport last Thursday. We remebered last time we had to seperate for weeks and we listend to music which made us even more last Thursday we didn’t feel like to listen to anything and I haven’t listend since the days before Thursdayuntil right now.

Lenka is the only artist I can listen to and that’s pretty weird…’cause I have so many memories from the States and the time with my love. We saw her live in Atlanta and almost every single time we drove somewhere Lenka was playin’. Love it.

pic from here

A mix of different feelings right now. I’m sad because I’m not with the person I love. I have awesome memories from different situations and times in the States with this music. Plenty of road trips for example or just hanin’ out in the apartmen. We are singing along with almost every song or at least our favorites. I don’t remember some parts but my knows it deeply by heart. I know exactly when the drums are starting or when some specific words are changing. I’m picturing a deep blue dark sky with plenty of stars…I have some moves I just have to do every single time I’m listening to one specific song..I’m crying bacause I’m so thankful for all the love I recieve every day and for how blessed I am.

Have been in contact with several people today and made fun plans, me like. Need it.Badly.

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