morning coffee

March 13, 2009

sittin’ here and feeling good. love it. drinkin’ great morning coffee and realizing that i don’t really have to do alot of school work today. woo hoo.

have done some laundry this morning! all the clothes and the sheets are now clean. an awesome feelin’.

have also taken a shower. so i go with the flow. to be clean.. mouhaha.

got my hair cut yesterday. spent 3 hours there. phu. we started the process of me going back to blond from almost totally black hair (how did that happend? me, black hair…anyway).  i have now brown hair, a new hairstyle and a new appointment where we’re gonna do highlights. since we were working so hard to get the black color out of my’s not good to do the highlights during the same day (the best is to wait about a week). so march 24 is my new appointment and then it’s gonna be a bigger change. though i have to get used to my new hairstyle. love it, but it’s way much shorter, i think. but i can totally have different styles. punkish…funky. mmm. love it. ok. i don’t have any pics. the simple reason is that i forgot my camera in the car (it’s still in the car and the car is not here right now). so keep waitin’.

finally friday and the weekend is waiting for us! yay! gonna be a cozy one at home with plenty of movies. me like.

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