monday, early morning..

June 8, 2009

…and I can’t sleep which is REALLY crappy since I badly need it! Meh. Thinking about different things I could do..but not in the mood for something specific or anything actually. Meh #2.

* read a book? (can’t concentrate)

* send some e-mails (too early – doesn’t look good if the person looks on the time, yes…I’m thinking about these kind of things)

* write on my blog (doing that now…then what?)

* listen to music? (will make me depressed right now – many songs – many memories)

* look outside (done that and yes, the sunrise was nice!)

* write in my journal (not in the mood for it AT ALL)

* read the news (check)

* play the guitar (too early…will wake up my parents then…)

* play the sims 3 (hmmm…gonna think some more about it, i mean…is it a really good idea to get stuck already at 05:34 AM when i sort of have the rest of the day playin’ it??!)

life is hard, sometimes…or not. i’m just screwed. good job Lina. i just lost at least 100p. (but probably worth it though).


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