April 6, 2009

a new week.
and only 5 days left to the keysy e a h.

has been a crazy (warm and sunny, up to 81/27 degrees) weekend again. love it. done some shopping, shopping and shopping. been to starbucks. had a bbq. done some road trips. played fantasy golf. been on the countryside…you name it. thought i was going to die (or sort of) earlier this morning. fire alarm…so i went downstairs and talked to the people in the office and they calmed me down. they did some testings. phu. i hate testings.

the sun is shining but it’s windy – can clearly here it. has been so nice and warm but i might snow tomorrow. meh. crazy and weird. but it will turn warmer again in just a few days so it’s fine. gonna study some more now and i’m thinkin’ about to start to redesign some clothes. will see. kind of in the mood for it.

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