mixed thoughts

March 15, 2009

have had a relaxing weekend. movies. fika. good food and candy. yummy!  will post some pics on my new hairstyle tomorrow (even though I’m not blonde yet, at all…but I for sure look different – yay!).

gaaah. gettin’ so sad and frustrated about some things. i just want people to live life and enjoy every second of it! it’s a waste to not live life.i know that all of us have bad days or moments every now and then. but do not ever get stuck in them. you have to make your decision(s), it’s your choice to go through these moments or days, suck it up and then live. life has so much to offer. so many wonderful things. why not get stuck in the wonderful things instead? that’s what i am doing right now and…

i loooooooooove it!

see ya´tomorrow!

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