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October 1, 2015

Josefin och Vanja

I really enjoy listening to podcasts and have been stuck lately with various documentaries and criminal cases – both solved and unsolved. But, to balance all the sad and hard subjects, I’ve started listening to more of peppy, life-filled podcasts, and I thought of sharing the latest series I’ve been listening to. It’s in Swedish so might be hard for non-Swedish speaking blog readers to understand, but I highly recommend you to continue reading this post anyway!

As I said, this podcast is focusing on life subjects (decided on by their blog readers!)- episodes such as, living situations, career, anxiety, q&a, love, family, blog life, fall, fashion, make up, feel-good, travel, know, pretty much everything in life. Love it, especially because both of the two girls who are talking are so inspiring – Vanja Wikström (an entrepreneur) and Josefin Dahlberg (the chief editor).

In one of the podcasts, the Dream episode, Vanja and Josefin talked about their dreams; the ones they had as kids, but also their dreams for today. And one of the things they talked about was so freaking pepp for me to hear since it’s something I think a lot about.

For me, I have always focused on the past or focused on the future, but forgotten in some way about the present. I have always dreamt about a different time instead of really appreciating now.

Vanja said something so good.. Her goal is to enjoy everyday life. The absolute most important for her is a home, a relationship, work, and being around people she enjoys spending time with. That’s what life is all about. And I agree. Of course, going on vacation is fun, we’re gone for a little while, and have a wonderful time, but that’s not our everyday life.

I think this is the core of what life is about: being happy in our everyday life and not focusing every day and every moment on thinking about what’s past or what’s coming next. It’s not our life in a sense. You get it? That’s not where the main, deep deep focus needs to be in life. Because that’s not where we are the majority of our time in life. The important thing is to be in the present. Now.

I know that I have things that have happened in my past that I need to talk some about, and I will when I feel ready to. Of course, we can also dream about trips, or stuff in the future, but we don’t have to dwell too much on the future either, because life is now. This, perhaps, might sound obvious for some of you, but for me, it has been a really good reminder, and something I’ll try to be aware of and focus on in life.


Do the best of where you are now. Make the best of where you are.

Make the best of your situation.


That’s what I’m gonna work on more from now on!

You can find all the podcast episodes here.

Vanja’s blog

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