last night and plans for today.

August 29, 2009

We bought a couple a games last night and started to play. Love it – music, wine, games and my love.

Plans for today: Goombay! – An African/Carribean Festival downtown Asheville consisting of music, dancing and food! Oh, yeah. Bring it on! I am excited, big time!! Gotta finish my cup of coffee and get dressed.

The Festival Scedule today– Saturday, August 29, 2009
12:00Noon Parade
1:00PM Community Showcase: Goombay! Drummers, Free Spirit Drummers & Dancers
2:00 Oneaka Dance Company (Main Stage)
3:15 Jazz Affect (Main Stage)
4:30 Free Spirit Drummers & Dancers (Intersection Eagle & Market Sts.)
5:00 Sweet Dreams (R&B) Main Stage (Main Stage)
7:00 Free Flow (R&B) (Main Stage)
8:15 Inner Vision (Reggae)(MainStage)

Over and out.
Peace. Love. Understanding. Rainbows.

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